Facial recognition has become an essential part of security in recent years. It has been popularized by its multifaceted applicability ranging from video surveillance to entertainment or event personalized services. R.A.BB.I.T.’s technology detects and identifies persons of interest to support business operations and enhance security.

How ?

Our software uses data from live cameras and cross checks it with enrolment databases (or any other database). The system then generates an appropriate action alert. For example, it may generate a confirmation if the person is in the enrolment database or an alert if the person isn’t.

How are we different? 

R.A.BB.I.T’S engine emphasizes quick detection and comparison. The system can effectively analyze facial features and then compare them to an already existing database. Beyond detection and comparison, R.A.BB.I.T. can store any type of additional data about the enlisted people to support security functions. This provides clients with customized and detailed action alerts when the individual is recognized. Furthermore, the speed of our algorithms ensures that even crowded places like shopping malls, railway stations, and airports can be effectively serviced.

Our security based product offering relies on Customizable watch lists, camera Handling, and straightforward Integration to exceed the needs of clients.

​Key features:

·       3D-grid engine

·       Face pose support (30 degrees)

·       Stable recognition in backlighted environments

·       99.6% accuracy on Feret-DB

·       World fastest, 100ms matching

The applicability of our security product is manifold. It can be used as a biometric solution to facilitate identification, or it can differentiate people, or even completely automate the identification process.


The underlying goal of qualitative research is to understand what people are thinking. Firms often rely on surveys or questionnaires to investigate their target audience’s responses to changes, like the introduction of a front-end camera on your phone. However, surveys and questionnaires limit responses to scale based rating systems or to a binary (Yes/No) response. As a result, surveys capture only a fraction of people’s true response.


When people are exposed to a stimulus, like a new phone feature, their thoughts are often coupled with an emotional response: a subtle smile, dilated pupils, or raised eyebrows. It is these tell-tale signs that can drive company-wide decisions about new products, operational changes, or facility/store layout.  Therefore, instead of traditional research methodologies, RABBIT analyzes emotional responses to ascertain the behaviors of the client's target audience and help build effective solutions.

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