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Why is travelling so important?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Emotions are the essence of what makes us human. They influence our daily processes, our social interactions, our attention, perception and memory. One of the strongest indicators of emotion is our face. While we laugh or cry, we display our emotions and allow others to look into our thoughts.

The analysed images give an insight into the customer behaviour, visiting & buying habits of the customers, which have a direct impact on the business & strategic goals.

Our RABBIT (Real-time Analysis of Buyers Behaviour Information Technology) research process is a proprietary technique for uncovering the deep patterns and emotional responses that we have towards products and brands.

Market research methodology gives you a real time:

  • Actual number and demography of travellers (gender and age within 3years of accuracy)

  • Differentiation between new and returning travellers

  • Facially expressed emotions with 95% accuracy

  • People interactions and journey in a time-lapse visual aid, which can be used to optimize airport layouts and logistic.

  • HR application: virtual ID, restricted access area compliance monitoring, logistics and efficiency insights along with employee job satisfaction.

Security module based on one of todays best performing Face Recognition engine Ayonix, with multiple face recognition capability provides an un-paralleled possibility for various security applications as: Access control, FaceID with e-tickets or e-ticket validation, Mass passenger control, security video footage scan


Real-time Analysis of Buyers Behaviour Information Technology

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