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Why is customer satisfaction important?

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Customer satisfaction scores and customer satisfaction indices are an attempt to measure how satisfied customers are with the performance of the company.

We give you solutions to understand customer opinions with our unique facial expression-powered technology and predict trending stories. This module offers all market analysis services listed under the market analysis module, combined with customer emotions, traveler activity, time spent in store linked to point of sale (POS) data.

Using the Ayonix Face Recognition technology based we can profile and target customer segments:

  • Real time analysis of millions of data points to identify important drivers for customer activity

  • Gathering data on raw emotions as they are expressed

  • Analytics and reports are based on true, non-filtered data

  • Unlimited data granularity – reflecting the needs of clients

In addition, the systems provides true and accurate information on every person (traveler, visitor, customer, employee etc.), who enters the premises of your business (the store, location venue etc.), regardless of the reason for their visit. The analyzed information will provide insights to visitors and customers’ sincere reactions taking advantage of the 95% accuracy of facially expressed emotions :

  • Predict trends and business drivers based on real customer behavior

  • Avoid perceptive bias typical for traditional market research method

  • Avoid time delay and cognitive filtering


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