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What indicators should be used to measure leadership effectiveness in organizations?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Virtual ID cards enable analysis and traceability of cross sectional employee movement and activities utilizing time-lapse graphics as a visual aid, offering insights to airport facility/office/retail layout efficiency, staff absenteeism and presenteeism and process/task timing.

Employer not only wants to ensure that the staff is at their job posts when they should as they should, but also to ensure that it’s staff is happy at work.

The captured facially expressed emotion analytics allows to measure employee job satisfaction: this can be crucial to create a healthy environment for everyone at workplace, as well as monitoring the impact of any strategic business decision has on staff in general.

Virtual employee identification going beyond traditional and biometric cards

  • Ensuring that only authorized personnel enter premises

  • Tracks employee movement (office/plant layout efficiency, absenteeism/presenteeism, task timing)

  • Employee behavior enforcement (unauthorized use of time, premises etc)

  • True emotions based analytics to reflect on overall job satisfaction, stressors, team building activity effectiveness


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