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Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Modern businesses try to script the “perfect” journey that gives frictionless, elegant experiences. Proficiency in customer experience is mission critical for every type of organization, and how a business engages with today’s connected customer whom chooses their own journey through using personalised, actionable insights in real-time to make the purchasing decisions. Therefore, companies must evolve in how they measure success and what enhances their customers’ experience to keep them loyal and satisfied with every aspect of the service received.

Ultimately, when evaluating the effectiveness of any journey and deciding whether it needs optimization or how to do so, a brand must identify and consider any customer journey gaps from a customer perspective.

Our Facial Recognition technology offers new levels of customer journey insights using real-time data collection customers’ facially expressed emotions. The primary goal is to observe and track customer movement and journey based on location within premises and even larger areas equipped with cameras. Furthermore, the system allows for logistics activity optimization, ensuring the most streamline processes and other critical activities

Our technology and customer journey analytics methodology using the data captured by our camera software (without taking any images that would personally identify a person) will provide real time information on :

  • Where is your customer: location within the premises (for security reasons, employee access adherence)

  • Store interiors: assisting in the most effective store layout (retail)

  • Information for logistics planning, efficient gate usage, service clustering etc.

  • Obtain store/vendor/brand layout analytics, based on customer movement

Customer journey analytics tracks and analyzes how customers use combinations of channels to interact with its retailers, vendors and service offerings, and covers all channels present and future which interface directly with customers. The system is built on real time analysis of millions of data points to identify important drivers for customer experience allowing to discover the most important customer journey elements.

Our clients receive true, real time feedback on customer experience based on facially expressed emotions captured by the cameras without time delay and cognitive filter in responses (a common shortcoming of survey responses). Using this information will be able to prioritize significant and impactful business opportunities to increase revenue, reducing waste and improving customer experience.


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