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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Evidence from current psychology is that senses are coupled to feelings and without this emotional assessment people find it almost impossible to make decisions.

The patterns and feelings involved in the decision are hidden from view, not just to the researcher but often to the individual in question, and it is these patterns that drive behaviour.

The R.A.BB.IT looks directly at the pattern cascades that drive feelings and decisions meaning that we avoid the problem of over extending the metaphor, or contaminating the projection with cognitive noise, filtering and rationalizing responses.

R.A.BB.IT helps you to understand the emotional responses stemming from shopping experience stimuli combined with the rational product features and benefits that drive purchasing decisions.

The core challenge of qualitative research is in understanding the patterns in consumer thinking that lead them to different purchase decisions. These are often hidden from our conscious and cognitive processes and are based on our major and secondary senses and the way they trigger emotional reactions.

The R.A.BB.IT (Real-time Analysis of Buyers Behaviour Information Technology) is a proprietary market research methodology for uncovering the deep patterns and emotional responses towards products and brands.

Client needs:

  • Security – partners (bands) and customers

  • Real-time solution – real buyers behaviour

  • Customer/Client demography, loyality and emotions

  • Time-lapse

  • Marketing and financial strategies based on total customer’s and client’s population

  • Personalized services


Real-time Analysis of Buyers Behaviour Information Technology

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