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How our customers are moving in the store? Which are the preferred buildings/sectors over time?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

What areas within my store are busier than others; why and when?

Our market analysis module provides basic market research analytics based on customer volume and demographics utilizing time-lapse and demographic tree as visual aids in the reporting. By rapidly compiling an accurate, distinctive and true representation of the customers and visitors (consumers).

Management will understand when, where, and how consumers react and feel about purchasing any services, products or offerings as well as track changes over time. Explore competitive analysis of emotionally driven decisions made by clients (returning and first-time buyers) as well as non-purchasing clients to visit your business competitors. Track the evolution of market/industry trends more easily with instant analysis of customer movement data. Reporting frequency can be month by month, week by week or even day by day, as per your preference.

Our emotion analysis is applied to the most relevant data for your market research question(s). Our solution allows for tracking trends over time and make sure you don’t miss a single insight by analyzing billions of data points collected from the non-photographic images.

Our solution gathers information on all your customers, not just a limited, selected sample. You will receive true and accurate picture of customer demographics, gender and age: taking advantage of the estimated age within 3 years accuracy.

Furthermore, you will obtain exact and real customer population based on all clients visiting, versus traditional methods that are extrapolating from a non-representative sample. Multiple cameras allow to monitor each section of the premises; with time –lapse function showing the movement of customers, their real-time emotional reaction to merchandise (which leads to the buy/do not buy decision), services and basic functions, as well as purchase activity.

This insight is key contributor to strategically design pop-vendors, food and beverage locations, kiosk, restaurants, convenience and high-end brand name stores. By tracing personnel movements, management can initiate more streamlined and efficient processes and ensure employee attendance, access, as well as measure employee satisfaction.


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