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How can access information collected via ID card better utilized?

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Is there a better way to learn about staff engagement than using surveys?

Utilizing Facial Recognition Technology as digital biometric authentication methodology enables the implementation of a Virtual (Digital) ID usage replacing the traditional employee access cards.

Virtual employee ID cards not only enforcing access entitlements but acts as a tool for employee behavior enforcement (unauthorized use of time, premises etc.). In addition, using Facial Recognition HR application your management can gather insights on staff effectiveness, employee satisfaction and personnel movement analytics within premises.

Virtual ID card alone, (or in addition to a physical card, if preferred) ensures that only authorized personnel has access to different areas of the company (i.e.: manufacturing plant, restricted storage area, cash/vault, etc.) as per job role and function. Virtual, biometrics based digital cards relieves the security risk posed by stolen, or fraudulently used traditional ID cards, as Virtual ID authorizes personnel to move within the facility based on facial recognition, rendering the misuse of privileges impossible.

Virtual ID provides a tool for employers to know that their staff is at the assigned job posts when and as they should. In addition, the analysis and traceability of cross sectional employee movement and activities utilizing time-lapse graphics as a visual aid, offering insights to layout efficiency (i.e.: airport, manufacturing plant, facility, office, retail), staff absenteeism (authorized and un-authorized breaks), as well as process and task timing.

Effective businesses focus on creating, using, and reinforcing employee satisfaction to get the most out of their human capital. Employee job satisfaction and creating an engaged workforce is becoming more important while the strategies to deliver a great place to work by an employer are changing. Traditionally, employee job satisfaction surveys provide boards of directors as well as management with the knowledge and tools to build positive employee relations and a positive work environment were solely based on questionnaires. Facial Recognition enabled Virtual ID provides employers direct feedback on employee satisfaction and engagement, allowing to tailor the company’s retention and critical HR programs and tactics that fulfills the needs of its diverse staff. The captured facially expressed emotions provide accurate reflection of employee attitudes, burnout tendencies, passion factors, loyalty, workplace climate, training opportunities, and competitive intelligence are key indicators for employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

Organizations will be better positioned to engage and retain their workers simply by committing to understanding engagement drivers within their companies and by recognizing differences across generations of employees. Virtual ID based on our Facial Recognition technology will give you the right tools, analytics and reports to be able to do so, and in turn create a healthy and productive environment for everyone at the workplace.


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