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Harness the power of behavioral science!

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

One of the strongest indicators for emotions is our face. As we laugh or cry we’re putting our emotions on display, allowing others to glimpse into our minds as they „read“ our face based on changes in key face features such as eyes, brows, lids, nostrils, and lips.

Computer-based facial expression recognition mimics our human coding skills quite impressively as it captures raw, unfiltered emotional responses towards any type of emotionally engaging content. But how exactly does it work?

We have the answers: The RABBIT facial expression analysis is all you need to get the

knack of emotion recognition and research into the quality of emotional behavior to understand your customers.

Our vision is to become the preferred market research strategic partner in the industry by providing tailored market analytics based on real time analytics of buyers’ behavior information technology.

Our mission is to harness the power of cutting edge facial recognition technology sensitive to human emotional expressions to empower businesses in their own pursuit of providing the best customer experience and loyalty (marketing module), while ensuring the highest level of facility security


Real-time Analysis of Buyers Behaviour Information Technology

Let us do the  Math


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