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Are you seeking answers to market research questions that standard reports simply can't deliver?

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Talk to us and we will listen: we will utilize the appropriate analytics and create meaningful reports and visual aids. Our team of market research and technology experts will work with you in close collaboration to find the most efficient methodologies to mine the vast database our facial recognition technology generates on every single customer or client that uses your location (i.e.: retail store, venue, public transport etc.).

Our team of experts will create a tailor-made, business specific market research and analytics methods that results in reports that can influence your short or long range marketing plans.

We welcome the opportunity to become a strategic partner and consultant and to meet your marketing insights needs.

Example scenarios:

  • Real-time analytics using visual showing activity as a function of time (time lapse) during operating hours; insights to effective and streamlined location (store, venue etc.) layout; payment preference using POS data (demography customers using cash vs card payments)

  • Evaluate marketing campaign impact

  • Brand performance measurement,

  • New market monitoring

  • Identifying best practices by comparing multiple sites of your company

  • Product launch response, Price sensitivity

  • Trend and tendencies in cross-selling, analytics/forecasting, customer pattern mapping

  • Targeted benchmarking

  • Individual/unique marketing campaigns

  • Short, medium and long term strategic planning

  • Evaluation of constant need/basic product


Real-time Analysis of Buyers Behaviour Information Technology

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