Emotions are an essential part of the human condition. They impact our daily routines, our social interactions, our attention, perception, and memory.


Someone looking directly at you can discern a lot about your current emotional state based on the way you raise your brows, the way you look at something, or based on the position of your lips. For example, as we laugh or cry we put our emotions on public display.

Computer-based facial recognition mimics our natural ability to decode these raw, subtle tell-tale signs of different emotional states. Our platform, captures unfiltered emotional responses allowing clients to gauge the behaviour of employees and customers. But how exactly does it work?

We have the answers.


RABBIT is made up of talented technologists, IT developers, analysts, and marketers, all dedicated to our mission. We leverage our different skill sets and personalities to promote international success. We have representatives from 10 countries across 3 continents worldwide!

Every member of the RABBIT team enjoys harnessing knowledge to empower clients and businesses. Every day, we strive to unite data-driven knowledge with opportunity.

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